TURBA CUX Cuxhaven

Cuxhaven| DE – 2017


The current fall fellows of the “Künstlerhaus im Schlossgarten”, Marlene Bart and Christoph H. Winter invite TURBA to an interlude.

The term “turba” comes from Latin and means “restless crowd or hustle and bustle”. The focus of TURBA is on the realization of international exhibitions with contemporary artists and curators. Previous TURBA exhibitions have taken place in Los Angeles (US), Biel/Bienne (CH), Hannover (D) and Rouen (FR). The exhibition TURBA CUX shows selected works by associated artists. The various subjects, motifs and formal languages of the works are related to each other in detail and thus act as a game with associations and subjective impressions.

Marlene Bart, Yu-jin Kim, Oskar Klinkhammer, Jaqueline Lisboa Silva, Jean D. Sikiaridis and Rui Zhang



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