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TURBA Factory

Since November 2020, the TURBA Factory exists in Teilestraße 11, 12009, Berlin. This is a project space funded by Kultur Räume Berlin. The TURBA Factory runs a moulding workshop/wood workshop and as part of the programme various workshops are offered.

Since its founding in November 2020, the members of the TURBA Factory have been working collectively on a spatial structure. The flexibility of the space also allows for regular representative use.



Events/ Exhibitions
In addition to the use of the workshop, the members of the TURBA Factory organise events that are aimed at an interdisciplinary audience and are in line with the educational mission of TURBA e.V.. These are collaborative exhibition projects as well as workshops or lectures.



For enquiries regarding collaborations, please send a detailed concept to: mail@turba-art.com.

Executive Board: Marlene Bart
Studio/ Event Management: Niamh-Erin Cusack
Adminstration: Cecilia Falkman

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