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About TURBA Factory

The TURBA Factory is a non-profit artist-run project space located in Berlin-Tempelhof and is a part of the TURBA e.V. association. The term “turba” originates from Latin and signifies “restlessness, noise, tumult, confusion” or alternatively (crowd) multitude, horde, swarm,” symbolizing the dynamics of artistic processes. The members of TURBA Factory work internationally as well as inter- and transdisciplinary. With its innovative and interdisciplinary event and workshop programme, TURBA contributes innovative impulses to the Berlin project space scene. The TURBA Factory aligns with the “Understanding” of the “Network of independent Berlin project spaces and initiatives”.

Program and Collaborations

The program of the TURBA Factory particularly focuses on workshops, currently emphasizing woodworking, woodcutting, and different molding techniques. Exhibition projects reflect the workshop-oriented nature and interdisciplinary focus of the TURBA Factory. Every year the TURBA Factory also offers a workshop residency for international artists.

To register for the workshops, please send a short e-mail to mail@turba-art.com. Our exhibition program is collectively decided on a yearly basis.

Directions and Contact

The TURBA Factory is located at Teilestraße 11-16, 12099 Berlin. To reach us, pass through Gate 3 and continue straight ahead for a few meters. The entrance (Gate 3) to the pink-salmon-colored building is on the left side. Follow the path to the 2nd inner courtyard and use one of the staircases to the 3rd floor, such as Staircase D, C, or B.

For collaboration inquiries, please send a detailed concept to: mail@turba-art.com. We welcome non-commercial and community-oriented project ideas. As our members are volunteers, we ask for understanding regarding possible delays in responses. Upon agreed collaboration, we are happy to assist in applying for funding through a Letter of Interest.

We kindly request refraining from any inquiries regarding the use of TURBA as an event location.

For enquiries regarding collaborations, please send a detailed concept to: mail@turba-art.com.

Executive Board: Marlene Bart
Studio/ Event Management: Niamh-Erin Cusack
Adminstration: Cecilia Falkman

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