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TURBA from the Latin “crowd” is an organisation of associated artists, curators, designers and scientists, which has made it its business to realise cultural projects worldwide through international cooperation. A permanent team works together with constantly changing artists and offers them an organisational infrastructure and professional support in the conception and realisation of artistic projects. TURBA is not restricted to specific genres and fields, but sees itself as an interdisciplinary working community, which achieves the greatest possible synergetic effects by combining different topics and focal points of work.

TURBA came into being in 2014 as an experimental exhibition concept that focuses primarily on cooperation and reflection, questioning and questioning artistic positions. Since then, exhibitions, festivals, readings and performances as well as cultural expeditions and residency projects have been created in Germany, France, Switzerland and the USA.

TURBA Gallery opened on March the 15th 2018 in Stephanusstraße 23, Hanover. It is an international exhibition space that supports cooperations with contemporary artists and curators in the form of exhibitions and enables the networking of international and local cultural practitioners. At the same time, TURBA develops new international projects for other locations.

Since November 2020 the TURBA Factory exists at Teilestraße 11, 12009, Berlin. This is a production and project space supported by the BBK Berlin with a focus on plastics production. The TURBA Factory includes workshops for the processing of plastics and smaller woodwork. The members of the TURBA Factory regularly offer workshops for processing these materials. Besides the use of the workshops, the members of the TURBA Factory regularly organize events and exhibitions aimed at an interdisciplinary audience.

This platform presents insights into previous projects and introduces individual actors of the TURBA cosmos.


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