Relief Printmaking without a printing press   TURBA FACTORY Berlin | DE – 2024

Saturday 24th Feburary 2024

11:00 – 16:00

We are happy to invite you to a relief-printing workshop, which will give you a comprehensive insight into the process of printing with wood or linoleum. In the workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn the basics of relief printing and create an edition of prints under the guidance of an experienced printmaker (Patrick Ireland 3000).

This session will include the following key points:

  • A brief introduction to relief printmaking and the basic techniques and knowledge required to print your own edition.

  • Linoleum or wood: which material to choose for your artwork? The pros and cons of each.

  • How to print without a printing press, using traditional Japanese bamboo barens, modern ball-bearing barens, and kitchen spoons.

  • Colour printing using the jigsaw technique and exploring the possibilities of incorporating power tools into your printmaking practice.

The workshop will be tailored to each individual’s experience, from beginner to experienced printmaker, with the goal being that each participant creates a small edition of prints.

The workshop will be held in english.

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