between codes and heartbeats

TURBA FACTORY Berlin | DE – 2024

How does modernity and technology affect the human mind? Alienation,
human coldness, metal, machines, sci-fi, AI. Does technology always mean progress for civilization or a step backwards in human interaction? Man/machine. Art/artificial. We deal with these questions and headings lyrically, musically, performatively and visually.

Whats in for you this evening (doors open at 7 p.m. ; 03/23/23):
A pop-up exhibition by the Berlin artists Marlene Bart, Luise Kummer & Lili Wehlmann

8 p.m. musical opening by Samantha Bank on double bass in electronic synthesis
Performance by Pauline Schönfelder & Lisa Kögler Prose and poetry by Liza Kozeba, Kamilla Alieva & Renée Stulz Acting by Kai P. Mücke, Renée Stulz

From around 9:15 p.m., after a short break, Valle Döring takes you on his “Lasermonium” on a dark sound journey of sound design and composition, from delicate harmonium sirens to napocalyptic sound vortexes to “And other stränge songs from the remote planets” , untilm around 10 p.m.

A little preview:

Then get together until midnight at the Turbafacory Bar!

Otium Kollektiv
represented by:
Kamilla Alieva
Liza Kozeba
Renée Stulz
David Bär

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