Exhibition Atlas der Datenkörper
|Group exhibition

TOP e.V. | DE – 2021


Atlas of Databodies

A cooperation of Atlas of Databodies, TOP e.V. & TURBA Factory

Atlas of Databodies | >top (top-ev.de)


The collection of body data is ubiquitous in today’s society and has a fundamental impact on our perception of the body. It distorts, reinforces, or produces specific body images. The Atlas of Databodies offers an inter- and transdisciplinary platform for the investigation and a possible critique of these phenomena. It is a project consisting of a seminar, lectures, a publication series, and exhibitions. Based on impulses coming from artistic and design research, it gathers visual and conceptual knowledge from various artistic and scientific fields such as cultural and media studies, psychology and neuroscience, philosophy, architecture, art history, and visual arts. The first atlases emerged in the early modern period as a scientific classification system. The Atlas of Databodies makes use of this method by taking texts and images equally into account and at the same time reflecting on their use. In the exhibition at top e.V., a selection of artworks from the first volume of the Atlas of Databodies will be presented to the public, accompanied by a recorded conversation between the editors and representatives of top e.V. about its concept and content.

Participating artists: Vanessa Farfán, Cora Groos, Tabitha Swanson, Kristin Jakubek, Marius Mathisrud, Juan Rubiano, Martin Salek
Curated by Marlene Bart, Alex Leo Freier
Exhibition design by Johannes Breuer and Julia Rückeis

Group exhibition
Soft opening: 11/28/21, 16:00 – 21:00
Exhibition on view 11/28/21 – 12/11/21
Visiting hours: Sun 11/28.,
Wed 12/10, Thu 12/02., Sat 12/04,
Wed 12/08 – Sat 12/1,
16:00 – 19:00
and by appointment

The publication Atlas der Datenkörper I can be ordered at transcript.


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