| Arthur Detterer
Hannover | DE – 2019

Another highlight at Zinnober in Hanover is Arthur Detterer’s debut fashion show entitled “COSMOS FÖRST”! It starts on Zinnober Saturday (08/31) at 7pm in the courtyard of the TURBA Gallery.

This event is in addition to our Vermilion programme for the exhibition “THIS IS WATER IS WATER” by artist Duc Pham.

With a twinkling eye, Arthur Detterer projects utopias of workwear from a not-too-distant future onto various fashion genres. Based on his passion for textiles, which he developed as a child in Kyrgyzstan, he learned machine sewing and tailoring as an autodidact. In his artistic work, he is preoccupied with the drastic changes of the present and the accompanying changes in traditions. He uses traditional stylistic devices and brings them into a new, innovative and elusive form.
Arthur Detterer developed his universal intercultural “unisex COSMOS Fashion” by reducing his own wardrobe. Part of the artistic concept is the residue-free reprocessing of all materials into a symbol of dualistic human developmental variants. Within the scope of technical progress, he analyses the ethical, ethnic, spiritual, social and physical developments with regard to the constant striving towards the cosmos.

Oh yes, and the word “sustainable” is also part of it.

Here is the note on the protection of religious / moral feelings:
Beware of the naked!

Curated by Jean D. Sikiaridis
Funded by the studio and project space support of the Cultural Office of the City of Hannover. The studio and project space funding is supported by the STIFTUNG Sparda-Bank Hannover and the Dr. Christiane Hackerodt Kunst- und Kulturstiftung.


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