| Ira Konyu­khova
Hannover | DE – 2018


03/15/ – 04/15/2018

About the work, “SURFACE BLACK BLUE GREEN” in the TURBA Gallery, Ira Konyukhova writes: “The 2-channel video installation is about migration, in which two situations are viewed and juxtaposed: Migration from one country to another and migration to another planet. The characters of both stories experience the feeling of fear of abandonment (becoming) and mental alienation. The protagonists’ reflections on their forthcoming journey form the main narrative of the video installation. New technologies, through which it has become possible not only to overcome distances with a single click, but also to follow the movement of another person, are linked with personal memories and a description of the path, whose temporal experience cannot be digitized. By applying the structure of classic science fiction films, I am developing a hypothesis for the extraterrestrial future as a constant migration process. Freed from the subjugation of gravity, the protagonists of the film are forced to find a new fulcrum in a totality of black, blue or green. In a state of blurred boundaries between sublime and banal, political and aesthetic, the questions of a human condition for the new unknown spaces, wherever they may be, were raised.


Curated by Marlene Bart & Jean D. Sikiaridis – TURBA Gallery, Hannover



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Funded by the studio and project space support of the Cultural Office of the City of Hannover. The studio and project space funding is supported by the STIFTUNG Sparda-Bank Hannover and the Dr. Christiane Hackerodt Kunst- und Kulturstiftung.

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