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| TURBA Factory

Berlin | DE – 2022


Art Next Door
#21.2 Conversation with TURBA Factory

Art Next Door, which is hosted by Tuçe Erel (TOP e.V.), is a monthly radio program on Keith F’eM, featuring the independent art scene in Berlin. The program started as a bi-weekly show in July 2020. Art Next Doors #21.2 features the story of Turba Factory. The exchange between oMo Art Space and Turba Factory members is also discussed in the episode. oMo artspace in Neukölln is run by artists Sarah Oh-Moch und Bongjun Oh.

Art Next Door: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/tuce-erel/episodes/Art-Next-Door-21-2-Conversation-with-Turba-Factory-Marlene-Bart-e1b9o8u

oMo Art Space: https://omoartspace.net/

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