Braunschweig | DE – 2015

The Performative Premiere Readingg
„Das wahre Buch vom nördlichen Bettenland“

enthused the audience in the auditorium of the HBK Braunschweig on the 13th of June  2015. In the public presentation of the book of the same name by the present writer Lord Schadt, the book was performed by the actresses Teresa Riedel and Katrin Pachel..

“Das wahre Buch vom nördlichen Bettenland” is a volume of interviews with the fictional artist Eva G. Hamilton. The book tells the coming-of-age story of a successful performance artist who positions herself beyond the art market and consciously renounces money, her own apartment and animal products. The stations of an artist’s biography (parental home, school, first experiences with performance art, studies, artistic positioning, press work, life and love) are described in detail in the interview, so that the listener gains an intimate insight into the often provocative world of thought of an idealized artist. Or as one test reader said: “Now I finally understand what performance art is”


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