Keine Zeit für Theorie
| Sven-Julien Kanclerski & Thomas Rentmeister

Hannover | DE – 2020



No time for theory

Opening on Wednesday 02/12/2020 at 18h
curated by Marlene Bart & Jean D. Sikiaridis

Thomas Rentmeister (*1964, lives and works in Berlin) and Sven- Julien Kanclerski (*1988, lives and works in Hannover) met in 2013 at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Braunschweig. Since 2009 TR holds a professorship for sculpture there. SJK, whose early works are photographic in nature, completed the main part of his studies with a focus on sculpture in this subject class. In recent years, both artists have developed a sculptural practice that attempts to expand material boundaries. Their works position themselves – charmingly with a pinch of humor – contrary to the often elitist and rigid art establishment. TR traces the specific characteristics of objects and materials and illuminates their histories from an unusual perspective. In SJK’s works, photography and sculpture work together. He develops space-filling installations and objects that manifest themselves against the background of urban living spaces and constitute a level of meta-thought from this area. In “Keine Zeit für Theorie” he shows a new work that takes up references to the language of subcultures.


Funded by the Studio and Project Space Funding of the Cultural Office of the City of Hannover.
The studio and project space funding is supported by the STIFTUNG Sparda-Bank Hannover and the Dr. Christiane Hackerodt Kunst- und Kulturstiftung.



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Photo by Sven Sven- Julien Kanclerski



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