OLGA (Designer, TURBA Factory)


Olga Pham (1996*) lives and work in Paris and Berlin.
She did all her studies in Paris and started with a MANAA and a BTS in Fashion Design Studies at „Ecole de Condé“. Than she made a professional training at „Casa 93“ where she specialized as a designer in alternative and engaged fashion.
She finished her academic career at the French Fashion Institute (IFM), where she followed an „entrepreneur“ training, and ended major of her promotion.


Olga Pham is an artist and a anti-fashion designer activist.
Two things she cannot separate one another.
The young woman only creates with what she finds around her, mostly laying in the streets.
From gym mattress to optical fiber, everything is subject to reuse and to imagine new materials.
Bathing in the punk culture since she was 13, she only thinks of creation as something immersive and whole,
virtuous & generous, for her that’s the only way to be in tune with the times.
No brand, no sale, just a concept of life, which can defined as simple as D.I.Y.

Portrait b&w crédits :
PHOTOGRAPHER : Alexandra Von Fuerst
MUA : Ophélie Crommar
HAIR : Sadek Lardante
MODEL : Olga Pham

Details of artwork :
„Glaneurs – Glaneuses“ (2019*)
Reuse of gym mattress, optical fibers and innertubes.
Weaving and assembly by hand.
( 6kg and around 50 hours of work )

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