FANNY (Curator/ Artist, TURBA Factory)


instagram: fanny.spang 


Fanny Spång (*1988, holds a Master of Fine Arts in Design from Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk in Gothenburg and studied at School of Visual Arts in New York during her Bachelor of Fine Arts. She has exhibited in Sweden and 
Germany and as a designer done book covers for publishing houses in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. From Gothenburg
Sweden, currently based in Berlin after a six month residency at the Urban Nation Museum working on a project titled
Mapping the City as a Superorganism.
Fanny Spång works within a multidisciplinary practice with visual expression through sculpture, installation art,
animation and design. With her background as a designer, the work of Fanny Spång occupies a space between art and
design. Her artistic practice explores organic structures through a twisted, detailed surrealism and investigates topics
such as perishability, emptiness, collective consciousness and the experience of time. With a fascination for nature and
science her work explores bodily textures in an unexpected context and format.

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