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Johannes Breuer (* 1991 in Rheine) grew up in Finland and Germany and lives currently in Weimar. He studied communication-design at the MSD (Münster School of Design, at the University of Applied Sciences Münster) and the UAS Budapest (University of Applied Sciences). He gained his master’s degree (M.A.) at the Hochschule Pforzheim. He worked as a freelancer for various customers and advertising agencies, as a tutor at the chair for communication-design at the MSD, as a research assistant at the Fraunhofer IMW in Leipzig and in the research project „AID – Mensch Technik Interaktion“ at the Charité Berlin. Johannes Breuer is a member of the DGTF (Society for Design Theory and Research Germany’), the GfM (Society for Media Studies) the GiB (Society for Interdisciplinary Image Studies) and the DRS (Design Research Society). He is currently doing his doctorate in the Ph.D. program ’Art and Design’ at the Bauhaus University in Weimar.



Johannes Breuer works and researches in the field of interface design in medicine and health applications. He acts at the intersection between cultural and media studies as well as design research. He understands design as forming of the human environment in a body-friendly way, as an essential counter-instance to what spreads and asserts itself ’sans effort’ as if by itself.


Digital photo – Organic Shape Transformation –
Study from the research project ’From vital signs to body image’ at the Ph.D. Program of the Bauhaus University Weimar.


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